Improving the function and aesthetic of the Toledo region.

Strategic urban planning and design has the power to reshape individual lives, neighborhoods and the greater city of Toledo. Thoughtful design should be a right of everyone, not a privilege of few.


We partner with neighborhood organizations and the City to advocate for thoughtful urban planning and design.


We use design thinking and strategic planning to improve a space's aesthetic and function.


We cast a sustainable vision that upholds design standards and improves the function and quality of life in Toledo.

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Pledge Against Racial and Systemic Injustices

A core belief of the Toledo Design Collective is thoughtful planning and urban design should be a right of every person, not just a privilege of the few.
In Toledo, designing and planning with neighborhoods who have experienced disinvestment means that most of our partners are from Black and Brown communities. Once we start working in a neighborhood it becomes evident to us the sum of vibrant individuals are much greater than the statistics they represent. Systemic racism and oppression have consistently consumed these individuals and prevented them from the opportunities promised in the “land of the free”.
The Toledo Design Collective will not only continue to talk about these issues, we pledge to strengthen our actions in the following ways to foster more inclusive design and the elevation of People of Color.
While we acknowledge it may take time for our nation and our city to see inequities ameliorated, we believe in the catalytic potential and necessary transformation that can happen with strong alliances with our disinvested communities and a firm stance against racial injustice.

Actionable items we are taking to combat systemic inequities:

  • We will continuously strive for and push the limits for how we can engage with neighborhood residents and
    other stakeholders.
  • We acknowledge the need to diversify our board. We will no longer use the excuse that there are few black architects or planners in NW Ohio. We will look outside these professions to bring more perspectives to our board and our planning.
  • Our commitment to mentorship will more strategically work with our partners to encourage a new generation of designers from the Black and Brown communities we serve.
  • We will amplify the voices of People of Color every chance we have, and we will continue to educate our board on systemic injustices.
  • We will actively stand up against racist comments heard in our communities or in meetings.

Thank you to our Sponsors and Partners!