The Toledo Design Collective is inspiring transformative growth through urban planning and thoughtful design.

Who We Are

As a non-profit organization, our full-time staff, supported by our active volunteer board, is dedicated to improving the function and aesthetic of the Toledo region.

Our expertise and passion stems from decades of combined experience as architects, city planners, urban developers, community leaders and devoted Toledo residents.

Long-Lasting Impact

Prioritizing urban planning and design impacts quality of life, making Toledo a more desirable place to live, work and play. Our impact is both long-term and short-term—engaging communities in an immediate conversation and casting an ongoing vision for the future.

Positive Outcomes
  • Engages communities
  • Increases sense of belonging in neighborhoods
  • Increases tourism and urban development
  • Increases environmental sustainability
  • Improves traffic flow
  • Repurposes previously vacant structures and land

Studio Director

Elizabeth Ellis is the Studio Director at the Toledo Design Collective.

Elizabeth works to increase awareness of the TDC’s mission that thoughtful urban design and planning should be a right of everyone, not a privilege of few. She has fostered meaningful relationships with neighborhood organizations through her passion of equity through sustainable urban design. Elizabeth has been with the Toledo Design Collective since 2017. She is a Toledo native and a graduate of Kent State University, with master’s degrees in Architecture and Urban Design.

Our Executive Board

Paul Hollenbeck

TDC Chair. Paul Hollenbeck, AIA, holds almost 50 years of mostly Midwest architecture, urban design, and planning experience. He's spent much of the last ten years as a TDC volunteer.

Linda Beall

TDC Advancement Committee Chair. Linda is a Distinguished University Lecturer at the University of Toledo in the College of Engineering. She holds an M. Arch from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and a M.F.A. from Pratt Institute.

Bill Thomas

TDC Treasurer. Bill has an extensive real estate background specializing in acquisition, disposition, site selection and all facility management disciplines.

Mike Young

Mike received a BS in Landscape Architecture from Michigan State University and is now retired from the City of Toledo, University of Toledo and U.S Army.  He's been active for over 10 years with the TDC.

Sally Gladwell

Senior V.P. / Principal of Mannik & Smith Group, Sally earned her Master of Environmental Science and Management from Duquesne University. She is committed to sustainability in planning and has been with TDC since 2013.

Mike Limburg

TDC Secretary. Mike’s background spans planning, development, design, and construction in both the public and private sector. He has been with TDC since moving to Toledo in 2016.

Eugene Naujock

Eugene retired as the Deputy Director of the Toledo-Lucas County Plan Commission in 2004 with 37 years of planning experience. He joined TDC in 2005 and is an AICP member.

Jennifer Van Horn

TDC Vice Chair. Jennifer is the Vice President of Construction and Planning at the Toledo Zoo. She received her Master of Architecture from Miami University.

Bob Seyfang

Bob Seyfang founded TDC in 2001 after retiring from an architectural firm he began in 1971. He has been a licensed architect in Toledo for 55 years.

Martin Jarret

TDC Projects Committee Chair. Martin received an engineering degree from Northeastern and Master of City Planning from Georgia Tech. He has 40 years of diverse planning and community development experience.