While each project is different, our process is collaborative and inclusive to reflect the goals of the community and partners who live, work, and play in the area

What We Offer

Defining Success

To the TDC, a successful project is more than an implemented urban plan and design. It's about uniting people, establishing a shared vision and empowering communities to take ownership over their future.

Community Engagement Consultant

TDC understands that communities are the experts of what is needed or wanted within a particular neighborhood. TDC has a proven record of engaging communities and can offer this expertise to design professionals, developers or other partners working in disinvested communities.

Community Planning

TDC’s history is rooted in Community Planning with local grassroots organizations. A Community Plan allows everyone in the neighborhood to have a voice at the table and vision together what their community can be and action steps for how to get there. TDC can facilitate an 8 month – 14 month process for an entire neighborhood or community.

Pop-Up Community Workshops

Organizations that are looking to step into a visioning process but are not yet ready for a Community Planning process, may consider Pop-Up Workshops. TDC will work with our partners to come into a space for a day or two and generate neighborhood visioning around a specific topic or site.

Site Specific Conceptual Planning

This service is specific for smaller scale projects that are community oriented. This could include anything from vacant land re-use, community parks or open spaces.

Feasibility Studies

TDC has an expertise of licensed architects, real-estate and economic development professionals. A building Feasibility Study allows a community-oriented building owner to get a taste for how they may want to develop the building with current users and community insight. The Feasibility Study includes concepts that could be moved forward along with an Order of Magnitude Budget.

Corridor Studies

TDC understands that in order to have thriving communities, that can begin with a thriving business corridor. TDC is able to work with business owners, stakeholders, and public and private partners to vision and implement what is wanted or needed from business infill, storefront revitalizations, to streetscape development and placemaking.

Let's Work Together

The TDC works with neighborhood organizations, City of Toledo representatives, community groups, and so many more valuable Toledo region catalysts.

Partnering with the TDC means expert professional insight and creative solutions to reach your urban planning and design goals. With each project, we help unify voices, interpret challenges and provide a clear, sustainable plan forward. Take the next step — contact the TDC.