We engage the community in decision-making and help teach the value and benefits of urban planning and design.

Community Engagement

Seeing the big picture, as well as the details, is important to us. We seek out community input on every project, because you know your neighborhood best.

We partner with community leaders, neighborhood organizations and City of Toledo representatives to identify opportunities for design and planning improvement.

Design Workshops

Our collaborative approach provides opportunities to engage the community in decision-making and teach of the value of urban planning and design. Throughout a project, we often host public design workshops to gain a community perspective on a sustainable plan.

Collaborative Power

Design Workshops are one way we collaboratively work through a problem. These short, intense public work sessions bring together the TDC and the community as we sketch ideas, explore possibilities and uncover a wealth of shared knowledge connected to the project at hand. Through these workshops the TDC becomes a hub for community engagement and mobilization.

Internships & Mentoring

We take pride in helping develop the next generation of urban planning and design professionals.

We routinely offer hands-on paid co-op and internship opportunities to university students studying in the field. We enjoy the opportunity to serve as mentors to college-age planning and design professionals in the region. If you are interested in an internship with TDC contact us today!

Experiential Learning

Education is a primary focus of the Toledo Design Collective. Our Internship Program provides opportunities to architecture and planning students for hands-on learning and employment throughout the year. In addition, the TDC engages high school, college students and the greater community with planning awareness programs.

Benefits of a TDC Internship
  • Gain hands-on experience before graduation
  • Get involved in Toledo's professional design community
  • Take an active role in planning and design projects
  • Learn from professionals with decades of field experience
  • Engage the greater Toledo community in design workshops
  • Identify planning and design challenges and propose sustainable solutions
  • Present creative solutions in professional settings
  • Educate and advocate diverse audiences on the value of planning and design

Intern Alumni

To date, the TDC has helped launch the careers of more than 35 individuals.

  • Jefferson Le, Cincinnati, 2021
  • Anthony Gustely, Cincinnati, 2020, 2021
  • Max Merritt, Cincinnati, 2020
  • Guillermo Pacheco, Bowling Green, 2020
  • Richard Michael Pieper, Bowling Green, 2020
  • Elizabeth Moore, Cincinnati, 2020
  • Joao Pedro Escher, Toledo, 2020
  • Drew Demarsh, Cincinnati, 2019
  • Xu Zhu, Cincinnati, 2019
  • Lisa Karcher, Ball State, 2018
  • Elizabeth Ellis (AmeriCorps), Kent State, 2017-19
  • MacGregor Driscoll, Cleveland State, 2017
  • Nazia Tarannum, Miami, 2017
  • Jason Werner, Cincinnati, 2017
  • Jeremy Mizak, Detroit Mercy, 2016-17
  • Nick Carlson, Miami, 2016
  • Sofie Vermeusm, Miami, 2016
  • Sarah Yeo, Miami, 2016
  • Vincent Gregory, Miami, 2015
  • Lauren Mitro, Miami, 2015
  • Kelsey Krysp, Bowling Green, 2014-15
  • Stefany Risner, Bowling Green, 2014-15
  • Emily Donnell, Miami, 2014
  • Royce Gates, Miami, 2014
  • Alexis Zapata, Kent State, 2014
  • Stacy Kotula, Miami, 2013
  • Jennifer Van Horn, Miami, 2013
  • Steven Hallock, Bowling Green, 2012-13
  • Anna Barchich-Suter, Cincinnati, 2012
  • Abby Beham, Miami, 2012
  • Taron Cunningham, Wayne State, 2012
  • Victor Maier, Bowling Green, 2012
  • Brandon Sehlhorst, Cincinnati, 2012
  • Ryne Sundvold, Toledo, 2012
  • Nick Irmin, Miami, 2010
  • Rachel Momenee, Miami, 2010
  • Nicole Kaptur-Zacharyasz, Kent State, 2009

"My internship at the Toledo Design Collective allowed me to invest in a community that I did not grow up in and see the real impact that long term urban planning can have in neighborhoods."

"I am now the VP of Construction and Planning at the Toledo Zoo—a job I never knew existed prior to moving to Toledo, in a city that I did not have on my radar prior to my internship. TDC gives young professionals opportunities to make an impact that's larger than themselves, draws people to and back to northwest Ohio, and gives them the skills to run large charrettes, make presentations and produce work that communicates complex ideas in simple forms. Continuing to support the TDC as a board member has given me more opportunities to connect to neighborhoods and partners in the Old South End, Central business district, the Vistula neighborhood and Toledo as a whole."

Jennifer Van Horn | Vice President, Construction and Planning, Toledo Zoo | 2013 TDC Intern