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The power of the TDC’s board of professional volunteers cannot be delivered without the time and talent of our full-time Studio Manager and paid interns.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation. More information can be obtained by contacting the Toledo Design Collective.

"My internship with the Toledo Design Collective taught me valuable planning, communication and networking skills that were an important part of my education and professional development."

"I was able to leverage the Board’s guidance and my skillset at the time to create a proposal for a multi-purpose trail, known as the Maumee River Trail (MRT). The MRT plan proposes a connection between Toledo’s historic neighborhoods and its richest cultural assets utilizing the riverfront between Point Place and South Toledo. Although the plan was created years ago, the concept is still very much alive today with the proposed Nautical Mile. In fact, several parts of the MRT have been constructed and are in place today. My internship with the TDC gave me real-world experience and the ability to create something that was valuable for our community. During the process, I was able to network and establish relationships that I continue to foster and benefit from today.”

Brandon Sehlhorst│Commissioner of Economic and Business Development, City of Toledo | 2012 TDC Intern