Celebrate PARK(ing) Day!

Join us in transforming parking spaces into vibrant community hubs on Friday, September 20, 2024!

About PARK(ing) Day

On September 20th, 2024, join us for PARK(ing) Day, an annual global movement to reclaim parking spaces and transform them into engaging public spaces. From interactive art installations to green spaces and community workshops, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. Come explore, engage, and be inspired by the possibilities of urban design. Stay tuned for more details!

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Why PARK(ing) Day?

Currently, the City is exploring how parking minimums may encourage more downtown development, instead of inhibiting it, as it currently does. This is backed up by a recent downtown parking study conducted through ConnecToledo in 2018. This study looked into what percentage of on and off-street parking spaces were used within the downtown area during different times of the day. The study looked at all downtown districts including UpTown District, Warehouse District, Government District, and Central Business District.

For the purpose of PARK(ing) Day TDC is looking to inhabit parking spaces during mid-afternoon/ evening on a weekday so for this purpose we are focusing on those numbers calculated.

This is what the study showed:

1,035 total on-street parking spaces and only 51% of weekday afternoon/event spaces that were occupied.

19,362 total off-street parking spaces and only 44% of weekday afternoon spaces that were occupied.

Want to design a parklet?

Are you an artist, designer, community organizer, business, or organization with a passion for placemaking? We invite you to join us as a participant in PARK(ing) Day! Whether you have a bold idea to bring to life or simply want to lend a helping hand, we welcome your contributions in making this event a success.

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Your support makes this event happen and helps support our mission here at TDC. Your business/organization can play a pivotal role in fostering community engagement, promoting sustainability, and encouraging creative expression.

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