What Blooms on Blum: Junction Community Garden

Repurposing an abandoned vacant lot into a vibrant community garden within the Junction Neighborhood.

2018 Bloom on Blum

Key Findings & Challenges

With over 60% vacant land and growing, the Junction Neighborhood wanted a purposeful use for a lot close to community anchors. “What Blooms on Blum” is a project spurred from wanting to continue to educate neighborhood youth about healthy living and community volunteerism. The TDC worked with the Junction Coalition to create a successful community garden that the neighborhood will use and enjoy.


The garden plan contains raised beds for herbs and vegetables, a pollinator garden, rain barrels and plenty of spaces for the community to gather together. The garden is designed to be multi-generational so that anyone can use the space to grow and contribute to the Junction community.

Thank you for partnering with us!