Vistula Neighborhood Plan

As Toledo’s oldest neighborhood, Vistula struggles with transience and vacancy but remains vital as an extension of downtown Toledo and has great opportunity to connect residents to the Maumee Riverfront.

Vistula Neighborhood Master Plan

Key Findings & Challenges

Working with the Historic Vistula District, we're connecting with neighborhood residents and leaders of the Vistula Neighborhood. This area is a vital piece to the downtown Toledo area and has great opportunity because of its proximity to downtown and the Riverfront. We've identified two major pieces of Vistula: the connection to the Maumee River along Summit and Water Streets and the residential piece of the neighborhood. Each of these pieces feeds into each other, allowing residents to get to the riverfront and vice-versa. Moving forward we continue to connect with residents and ensure they're involved in the entire planning process that way it is their plan.

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