UpTown Master Plan

The UpTown neighborhood, once home to thriving services and supply operations that supported a bustling Downtown Toledo, has been busy reinventing itself.

2019 UpTown Master Plan

Key Findings & Challenges

UpTown is unique to Toledo in that it is comprised of a mix of businesses, social services agencies, educational institutions and has a maturing Arts and Entertainment District along Adams Street. It is home to anchors like Mercy College, The Toledo Club, Cherry Street Mission, Hillcrest Apartments, Toledo School for the Arts and the main branch of the Toledo Lucas County Public Library.

The importance of UpTown’s strategic location is two-fold. First and foremost is the immediate adjacency to Downtown Toledo. UpTown has experienced both growth and decline consistent with nation-wide migration patterns to downtowns and then out of downtowns to surrounding suburbs. Currently, there is an increasing trend to live in central cities/downtowns once again. As migration to the Downtown core occurs, new residents will look towards adjacent areas such as UpTown for housing and day to day living needs. Secondly, UpTown’s strategic location not only places it in a position to provide these needs but also to serve as a connection to and avenue of growth for surrounding neighborhoods.


Within the recommended Master Plan Framework six Priority Projects were identified by the UpTown Association: improve connectivity, highlight Adams Street as city’s Premier Arts District, increase market-rate housing, two community projects, Monroe Street enhancements, and strengthen the UpTown Association. The implementation success of the Master Plan should be measured by the progress made toward realizing these priorities.

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