Toledo Warehouse District Plan

Building upon a rich and powerful history of industry, entertainment and residents, the Toledo Warehouse District envisions a unique urban environment, energizing cultural and civic activities where a diversity of people can live, work, play and visit.

2017 Toledo Warehouse District Plan

Key Findings & Challenges

Since 2012 minimal demolition has occurred in the District thus preserving a significant number of quality buildings that are suitable for renovation and repurposing. It can also be said with pride that the vast majority of development within the District has been of high-quality design and construction thereby establishing a standard worthy of maintaining. Two new buildings, 5/3 Field and the Pizza Papalis addition, have been constructed within the Warehouse District since 2006. This investment has been crucial in the continued growth and development of the District. The RiverWest Townhomes were constructed in 2002.

The 2012 plan addressed and provided guidelines for Warehouse District streetscape improvements, however substantial progress has not been achieved. New projects usually comply and often exceed City and Warehouse District requirements but many existing properties do not comply and are in need of streetscape related improvements. This Plan update continues to include those guidelines for future streetscape improvements. A major improvement for both traffic and enhanced streetscape is the anticipated 2017 spring start of construction of the new Gateway at the intersection of the Anthony Wayne Trail/I-75, S. Erie Street and Lafayette Street. New landscaping and public art are integral elements of the work.


By continuing to develop identity, relationships and partnerships, the Toledo Warehouse District will foster a sustainable future by increasing the number and diversity of people and will continue to build upon the District’s transformation that began in 1988.

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