Parking Lot Improvement Study

Within downtown Toledo, there are numerous parking lots with sidewalk landscaping potential. With a few design updates, the spaces can help promote walkability within the greater downtown area.

Key Findings & Challenges

Within the Warehouse District, the Core Business District of Toledo, and UpTown Neighborhood there are several parking lots that have minimal streetscape design—if any. The TDC viewed this as an opportunity to highlight how minimal design can actually help to promote walkability within downtown Toledo


With just a few before and after compilations, it is clear to see how decorative fencing and simple maintained landscaping can create spaces that downtown users want to be in and walk along. Any kind of designed and well-thought-out boundaries around existing surface parking lots create a visual distinction between where cars are and where people are. It also helps to create sidewalks and open spaces which are extensions of the buildings that surround them.