Navarre Park

As vital green space within East Toledo, Navarre Park has an opportunity to better connect with residents and be a space that is available to all!

Navarre Park

Through the great opportunity of LISC / ESPN RePlay Grant, and community partnership of Toledo Refining Company and Mercy Health Foundation this conceptual plan was rooted in community engagement and neighborhood voices for what they wanted to see in their park.

A main point to the plan is that it currently sits, Navarre Park has a lot of great existing elements, including active ball fields and continual maintenance provides by both the East Toledo Family Center and the Senior Center, located on the Park property. One short term goal is providing signage and other wayfinding solutions that help promote all of the great things that the park has.

One issue found through engagement is not being able to access the park easily by foot or by car. Slowing down the high speed traffic and making the entrance to the park more prominent would increase the foot traffic of the park.

Another large current issue for the park is that it floods because of poor drainage and the significant topography that often leaves the ball fields flooded- but still used. A solution would be to place fill from other projects around Toledo. Once fill and a new parking lot is provided flexible fields can be created, while keeping the two existing softball fields. The fields would be enhanced by benches and trails surrounding. There could also be an additional playground.

It is important to remember that this is an ongoing project. The improvements to the park that should be included first are: enhanced entryway to the park, new parking lot close to the fields, providing fill, and adding additional trails to help connect the different ball fields.

Thank you to our amazing partners!