Junction East Side Housing Collaborative

Action Plan for the Junction 6-Block Area

Junction Eastside Housing Collaborative

Since the creation of the Junction Neighborhood Master Plan in 2018, the Junction Coalition has since formed a Housing Committee to help address the aims of the Master Plan, while specifically placing focus on one of the larger goals called out in the Plan: "Renovate existing housing and develop new housing”.

In order to address this action item Junction Coalition partnered with Toledo Design Collective to facilitate a planning process to bring and gather all current and relevant data and plans for the neighborhood through the Housing Committee partners. The planning effort also allowed Junction Coalition to engage with residents and stakeholders within the 6 block area to input their ideas for tangible change within the Junction community.

This Plan makes recommendations for enhancing the 6 block area by following these 4 over-arching goals:

1. Bring education, resources, and awareness to the community

2. Address blight

3. Increase community home-ownership

4. Improve quality of life

With these goals in mind, this Plan not only provides recommendations, but also includes an action timeline and outlines partners to help lead implementation.

Thank you to our amazing partners!