While each project is different, our process is creative, collaborative, and can be summarized in three words: engage, connect and create.


We partner with neighborhood organizations and the City to advocate for thoughtful urban planning and design.


We use design thinking and strategic planning to improve a space's aesthetic and function.


We cast a sustainable vision that upholds design standards and improves the function and quality of life in Toledo.

Defining Success

To the TDC, a successful project is more than an implemented urban plan and design. It's about uniting people, establishing a shared vision and empowering communities to take ownership over their future.

Sustainable Change

Through data collection and community engagement, we work to provide a plan that makes sense from a professional standpoint and from the community's perspective. Each plan is custom to the neighborhood and reflects the goals and desires of the individuals and organizations who live, work and play in the area.

Let's Work Together

The TDC works with neighborhood organizations, City of Toledo representatives, community groups, and so many more valuable Toledo region catalysts.

Partnering with the TDC means expert professional insight and creative solutions to reach your urban planning and design goals. With each project, we help unify voices, interpret challenges and provide a clear, sustainable plan forward. Take the next step — contact the TDC.